Scroll Saw Pattern Printer

Scroll Saw Pattern Printer 1.1

Scroll Saw Pattern Printer allows to prepare patterns to be cut by a scroll saw

Scroll Saw Pattern Printer is a program that allows to prepare patterns including names to be cut by a scroll saw.
Scroll sawing is a popular hobby. It allows to create little objects from any proper material, as wood or plastic. Scroll saws can cut intricate curves and joints, so they allow the users to create detailed projects, with great accuracy. It is often used to create small objects, like key-chains.

This program will allow users to create text patterns that, once printed, can be glued to the material that they are going to cut. Then, they can easily apply the scroll saw on the lines of the pattern, to obtain the object they want to create. The most usual thing to include in a text pattern is a name, but any text can be entered. The program includes a database with lots of male and female names, ready to be used. But you can input any text, beginning with a slash and ending with a backslash, to know where to begin and end with the scroll saw.

When entering the text, you can choose any of the available three included fonts, modify the size of the pattern, or apply any color to it.

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